• Compliance

  • How does HHLEARN assist my company with regulatory compliance?

    HHLEARN subscribes to an exhaustive list of listserves that monitor the healthcare industry. These governmental and state agency listserves send pertinent information to us when it is immediately released. By monitoring these listserves we can hold departmental meetings that discuss each news release as to its potential or actual effects to our web site, courses, and subscribers.

    By utilizing the actual sources for monitoring the healthcare industry, we provide courses that are up-to-date and have the ability to reassign courses based on major changes. HHLEARN also has the ability to send Alert Messages to all of its subscribers. HHLEARN believes that if we do not offer up-to-date courses, we don’t deserve your continued patronage.

    The regulations/laws the course is designed to help your organization comply with are displayed on the course introduction page.

  • How does HHLEARN assist my company with accreditation organization compliance?

    HHLEARN understands the regulations that are imposed on organizations by accreditation organizations. By understanding accreditation standards/criteria, HHLEARN can maintain courses and features that assist each organization in complying with accrediting organizations.

    The accreditation standards the course is designed to help your organization comply with are displayed on the course introduction page. In addition, HHLEARN's testing also includes accreditation-specific questions so your staff are tested on key accreditation information.

  • Do HHLEARN courses meet Medicare’s Conditions of Participation?

    Yes. The courses on HHLEARN do meet the requirements stipulated in 42 CFR Part 484.

  • Continuing Education

  • How much does it cost for continuing education courses?

    The courses on HHLEARN that are approved for continuing education are free of charge to all subscribed users. In order to take a continuing education course a user must have their license(s) and/or certifications loaded into their personal profile.

  • What agencies is HHLEARN approved by to provide continuing education?

    HHLEARN is an approved provider of continuing education for the following agencies:

    • American Association for Respiratory Care
    • California Board of Registered Nursing

  • How do I receive my CE certificates of completions?

    After successfully completing a continuing education course, HHLEARN will provide links to download and print a user’s completion certificates. These patent-pending certificates are customized and have data encoded on them to prevent duplication and ensure authentication. The system will also store the completion data and can be viewed and downloaded at anytime by visiting the user’s history page. All CE certificates appear as red certificate icons.

  • How can I keep track of my own CE requirements?

    HHLEARN stores continuing education requirements for most healthcare professionals. Once a user loads their license(s) into the system, HHLEARN tracks all the continuing education courses that have been taken and keeps a running total for the license renewal period. Each user can see a detailed continuing education summary at any time by visiting their profile page. HHLEARN will also send email or text message reminders to each user reminding them of their continuing education requirements, needs, and status.

  • Does HHLEARN help remind me when I need continuing education?

    Yes. Because HHLEARN stores each user’s continuing education history and knows the licensing requirements for most healthcare professions, we can send each user an email or text message to remind them of what they have completed and what they still need.

  • Can I challenge a course that is designated as a continuing education course?

    Yes and no. The challenge feature was designed for courses that have no continuing education credit value. However, HHLEARN does allow users to challenge continuing education courses but no continuing education credits can be earned for this course, only a general completion certificate will be issued upon a successful completion. Courses that are approved for continuing education credits must meet specific time requirements to be eligible to earn the CE credits; therefore, users that complete a continuing education course for CE credits must complete the course and pass the exam to receive the CE credits.

  • Courses

  • What is a dynamic course?

    Courses can be written in one of two formats, static and dynamic. A static course is a course that is rendered the same for everyone; there is no modification of the course to meet any specific needs of the course reader. A dynamic course is a course that is sent to a pre-HTML server that performs analysis and modifies the content of the course to display content so that it better suits the individual course reader’s needs. Examples of dynamic modifications to a course include changing course content to meet regulatory requirements for a specific state, a specific job description, or license or certification.

    The use of a pre-HTML server that performs the analysis and modifies the courses requires extensive preparation when it comes to designing course materials. HHLEARN must consider all the possible scenarios that can affect course presentation and write code for all these possibilities. HHLEARN has developed an extensive healthcare database structure that is used to modify courses to meet individual reader’s needs. Every page of HHLEARN is run through a pre-HTML server for data analysis, which only takes a few milliseconds, so that every course page can display the best content for each individual learner and subscriber.

  • What type of courses does HHLEARN provide?

    HHLEARN prides itself when it comes to our course content. We methodically design a course curriculum for a specific job description. Each course is designed to fit into a specific healthcare employee’s job description. Our courses are professionally written and reviewed for the adult learner and are designed by industry professionals.

  • Does HHLEARN provide courses for annual regulatory training?

    Yes. HHLEARN's e-learning system has been programmed to not only have courses that meet federal regulatory standards, but also automatically provides updated courses on a recurring basis, as required by laws, regulations, or standards. HHLEARN does not force an annual course when the requirement is only every three years. An example would be bloodborne pathogens; if an employee’s course curriculum includes the bloodborne pathogens course, it will automatically be reassigned by the system every year. All courses assigned to users will have specific due dates for completion.

  • Can HHLEARN put my company’s courses on the system?

    Yes. HHLEARN does offer the addition of custom courses on the PRO Version. This is a feature that incurs an additional charge. All courses on HHLEARN must be programmed into our interface and include randomized testing and secure certificates of completion. Some other learning systems may allow you to place a PowerPoint-type presentation online for free, but this does not include any testing methodology and cannot be tracked. HHLEARN is a professionally-designed, dynamic learning content management system and only courses that meet our standards can be displayed. This ensures that all accountability measures and testing capabilities are properly interfaced.

    HHLEARN has a graphical user interface that allows for the addition of courses to the system. Any course that is added to HHLEARN can be set so that it is available to all subscribers or limited to only a specific organization.

  • How are my courses assigned?

    HHLEARN is an employee-centric dynamic learning content management system (DLCMS) and all course curriculums are defined based on employee job descriptions. Each job description that is assigned to an employee has a predetermined course curriculum. An example would be adding an employee and assigning the employee the job description Home Health Aide (HHA). Once the job description is assigned to the employee, the default curriculum for HHA would be assigned.

    Each default course curriculum is also assigned a default due date for completion. PRO Version subscribers can modify the predefined job description titles, the courses presenting in the curriculums, and the due dates. We allow this level of customization so that with a couple of clicks an employee can be loaded and training with a complete curriculum and due dates.

    Certain courses are reassigned by HHLEARN at certain periods of time in order to comply with regulatory and accreditation standards. In addition, organizations can reassign any course to an employee at any time.

  • What audio/visual technology does HHLEARN use in its courses?

    HHLEARN utilizes almost all available Internet technologies in its courses. The technology we use in our courses will always be considered an industry standard and may require the use of an Internet browser plug-in, and all the plug-ins will be free of charge.

    HHLEARN’s courses may include text, images, drawings, graphics, pop-up glossary words, videos, screen reading, and forms and publications. We are taking every opportunity to maximize employee learning, comprehension, and retention regardless of which learning style works best for each individual learner. Good teaching is good teaching regardless of how it’s done.

    HHLEARN does utilize Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology to protect certain resources on the system, such as customized employee and patient forms and/or publications. In some cases the use of our DRM technology requires a license, which may include a usage fee. Our DRM technology does not affect the courses, tests, or completion certificates.

  • Can I take my courses on my own time?

    Yes. One of the major benefits of using HHLEARN is being able to take courses on your own schedule. HHLEARN learning does not require physical attendance. You’re unbound by time—courses are available 24/7. You’re unbound by place—study at home, work, or on the road. We will advise you to contact your employer in regards to whether they require or allow you to take courses when you are “off the clock.” HHLEARN does keep track of IP addresses when entering a course and during grading to help organization's determine where a course was taken and/or completed.

  • Must I take my assigned courses in the order they are assigned?

    Yes and no. The courses that are assigned to you are placed in a due date order. Some courses do have prerequisite courses that will prohibit the viewing of a course without taking the prerequisite. Other than the aforementioned, courses can be taken in any order, however we strongly recommend that you take them in the order displayed. The displayed order has been designed to meet regulatory requirements and may be customized by each subscribing entity (whether individual or organization). Once you enter a course the pages must be taken in correct sequence. HHLEARN keeps track of when a course is taken on or before a due date or after a due date and your organization is benchmarked on this data.

  • How do I become an author?

    HHLEARN takes complete ownership of all the courses that are displayed throughout the system. Most authors are direct employees of HHLEARN. HHLEARN does on occasion purchase a course from an external author. Every course that is accepted into HHLEARN must pass our internal review process and meet our rigorous standards. If you are interested in becoming an author, please email your personal and professional information (along with course ideas) to info@hhlearn.com.

  • Humor

  • Is HHLEARN’s e-learning web site in a “cloud”?

    Sometimes there is a word that is created that catches on and it’s meaning portrays it as describing something new, like cloud computing. Apple changes its .mac product into MobileMe and uses a cloud in its logo. IBM creates a commercial that makes them sound like they are experts in cloud computing. We just want people to know that the term cloud computing simply refers to the Internet. So keep your head out of the clouds and save money with a subscription to a classroom on the Internet.

  • PC or MAC?

    Great question. Both major types of computers have their features and benefits. PCs have been the computer that most businesses use, but because of companies like Intuit and Adobe, the use of Microsoft-specific software is becoming less and less and less of an issue. Simply stated, HHLEARN was designed to be both PC and MAC friendly so it does not matter to us, per se, which type of computer you favor. We would like you to know that the geniuses behind HHLEARN’s creation use MACs and that we are an Apple-based company! Windows was NOT our idea! LOL!

  • What’s the difference between a “tweet” and a “poke”?

    You have to be up on social networking to understand this question. According to Evan Williams (one of Twitter’s founders), Twitter is an information network and “twittering” or “tweeting” is how Twitter users find out about what they care about as it is happening in the world. Twitter allows a user to send out “tweets” to their followers. A “tweet” is a 140-character or less message that is displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to the author's subscribers who are known as followers. Tweets can also be sent to a subscriber’s phone or email. The real purpose of a “tweet” is to let your friends and customers know what’s going on with you.

    Facebook is a social networking site that allows a user to send out “pokes” to their friends, fans, and potential friends or fans. According to Facebook, pokes can be used by Facebook users as a way to say “hey you, wutsup!” Some people have a wrong understanding that a Facebook “poke” is a symbol of disturbance. The following, per Facebook, are the correct meanings of “poking”:

    • A “poke” is basically someone trying to get your attention.
    • It’s one of the meaningless features that are used just to annoy someone.
    • If you poke someone not in your network and they poke back, then you can view their profile even if you’re not their friend, which allows that person to see your Facebook page for 3 days, so they can know who you are and hopefully add you as a friend!

    When a user pokes someone, the recipient will receive a poke alert on his or her home page. If someone pokes you, poke them back, metaphorically speaking, then check them out, and hopefully make a new social connection to expand your social networking capabilities.

  • Where can I find hhlearn.com?

    When we were brainstorming FAQ questions we thought that basic questions needed to be addressed. HHLEARN is an Internet-based dynamically generated learning content management system. Yes we are in a cloud, but our cloud is accessible to all our subscribers. Just go to www.hhlearn.com (which is where you are right now) to find us. We are always here, 24/7/365.

  • Do I need a computer to take my online courses?

    This may sound like a stupid question, but because of tablets, smart phones, and smaller network devices, all a user needs is a web browser and access to the Internet. So we guess that the answer to this question is whether phones and smaller network devices are computers or is a computer no longer necessary? Either way set your browser to hhlearn.com and learn the way you want to.

  • Can I get on the Internet after I get off work?

    The answer to this question is it depends. Whether you can get on the Internet after you get off work is completely up to you. The Internet is not dependent on whether you are at work or not. Our job is HHLEARN and we are always online, working for you.

  • How do I protect my login information?

    Simply stated, don’t tell anyone! Okay that’s not completely the whole story. Yes, not telling anyone your user name and password is the cornerstone of protecting your information, but in order to really protect it, log out when you are done and close the web browser. For you fellow Apple users out there, make sure you close the program (⌘ Q). We also recommend that no one use their web browser to store user names and passwords. Each time you login to HHLEARN.com, enter your user name and password and always say no to having your browser remember your login information.

  • Where is my dashboard located?

    That depends on which dashboard you are talking about. If you’re in your car, it’s attached to the steering wheel. If you are logged into HHLEARN, you will see a dashboard menu in the black left-side menu. Our dashboard gives you an overview of what you have done and what still needs to be done. Our dashboard even keeps track of your continuing education, your grade point average, and your percent complete. It’s where you can view your HHLEARN information in a dash!

  • What is your hesitation with signing up for HHLEARN?

    We are stumped with this question. We can’t see why anyone would hesitate joining HHLEARN. We are a learning system like no other, and we mean that; no other e-learning system can do what we can do. So, if your reason for hesitation calls for more information, please use the Contact Us page or email us contact us today!

  • Modules

  • What modules does HHLEARN offer?

    HHLEARN develops new modules based on subscriber feedback. HHLEARN currently offers 23 modules that are signed up for in two different site versions: Small Business Edition (SBE) and Professional (PRO) version. Each version includes specific modules. The PRO version includes almost all modules. In the PRO version, the modules can be turned on and off per user.

  • Do you have to subscribe to the HR module to get written job descriptions?

    Yes. The written job descriptions are part of the Human Resources Module and are digitally rights managed (DRM). Assigning job descriptions to users to select course curriculums is not affected by the Human Resources Module.

  • Can I upload documents to the Inservice Tracker?

    Yes, in the PRO version. In addition to tracking the employees that attended a specific inservice, HHLEARN allows PRO version subscribers to upload inservice supporting documents like . The reason we allow these uploads is so that each organization can download these documents at a later date to support the inservice curriculum.

  • Reporting

  • What type of reports does HHLEARN offer?

    Almost unlimited. HHLEARN’s e-learning web site is completely database driven. All the courses, tests, exam results, etc., are all stored in multiple database tables. Because of this specific data compartmentalization, we can generate and disseminate reports for any of the stored data in real-time.

    HHLEARN has designed its reports to adapt to individual needs. The data for certain reports is even stored so that they can be reproduced at any time. HHLEARN does calculate data for specific reports and predefined intervals. These reports are part of HHLEARN’s forced accountability model. We send emails to managers and administrators that their reports have been prepared and stored. These reports force management to see data on organization performance at specific intervals.

  • Does HHLEARN allow for internal messaging and alerts?

    Yes. HHLEARN has designed a messaging system to allow the identified organization HHLEARN system administrator(s) to administer internal messages and alerts. All messages and alerts are tracked by HHLEARN as to which employees have received them. The HHLEARN messaging system is a convenience feature to allow for quick and effective communications concerning important changes, news, and updates throughout regions, areas, states, locations, and departments, etc. Only subscribers to the PRO version can access reports that can verify which users have acknowledged messages and which users have not.

  • Setup

  • How long does it take to get a company setup and training employees?

    The entire process of loading an organization or an individual subscriber on hhlearn.com is up to the organization. For organizations, the duration for the setup process is dependent upon the manner in which an organization is structured. HHLEARN's setup process takes the subscriber through a 5-step setup process, which may include the loading of each location, each department, each region, and each employee. The average healthcare company can be setup and training in under an hour.

  • Does HHLEARN provide a best practices guide to assist with implementation?

    HHLEARN takes e-learning seriously. Subscribers are emailed a Best Practices Guide when their account is setup. The Best Practices Guide was designed by e-learning professionals that have been working with healthcare organizations for successful implementation of online education since 2001. The Best Practices Guide documents the successes from healthcare organizations and provides a step-by-step guide to implementing and fully benefiting from HHLEARN's e-learning system. We encourage all users to share their successful implementation approaches with us. Success using HHLEARN requires commitment and participation from every subscriber, employees within each organization, and other types of healthcare professionals or organizations.

  • What information do I need to start using HHLEARN?

    Organizations must proceed step-by-step through a customized 5-step setup process. The HHLEARN system walks an organization through the steps of setting up the system so that it matches the design of each organization. Depending on an organization’s specific structure, the information needed to complete the process could range from the names and addresses of each location, knowledge of how the organization is structured (departments, regions, and information for each employee, which includes their job description). For larger organizations, HHLEARN does provide Excel spreadsheet templates for bulk loading of employee data. An organization’s annual subscription does not begin until the setup process is complete and the subscriber clicks the "Activation" button.

  • When will an organization’s subscription start?

    A subscription to HHLEARN is month-to-month, which means that a subscription period lasts only one one. There are no contracts. If a monthly fee is not paid on or before the due date, the subscription will automatically be deactivated.

  • What do you mean by employee-centric?

    Employee-centric is a term that means designed or formulated around employees. As it pertains to HHLEARN, our site is designed around the employee, which means that our course curriculums are designed specifically around an employee performing a specific job description in the healthcare industry. HHLEARN also allows further flexibility by allowing PRO-Level subscribers to customize the curriculums for each of the job descriptions within their own organization.

  • What is HHLEARN's privacy policy?

    HHLEARN is an organization that relies upon recurring organizations and individual subscriptions. Our privacy policy is designed with the organization in mind. HHLEARN collects and stores information as it pertains to an organization, which means that information is collected, i.e., ip address, number of test attempts, number of continuing education and training, and license or certification expiration dates, to assist the organization to maximize the potential on our system. Our Privacy and Security policies are avialable to review. HHLEARN uses 128 AES encryption for most personal information, including email addresses and uses 256 AES with additional salting and hashing for passwords and social security numbers. The only personal information that is NOT encrypted is your name and binary yes/no (1s and 0s) answers. No personal information is sold or disseminated outside HHLEARN and the organization. To see our Privacy Policy, click here.

  • What is HHLEARN's Online Code of Conduct?

    HHLEARN believes that there is a certain code of conduct that must be followed in order for e-learning to be effective and meaningful. Our Online Code of Conduct includes standards that we expect each organization and individual to follow while they are logged in to HHLEARN. This includes conduct such as no anonymous browsing, cheating, or employee swapping. To see our Online Code of Conduct, click here.

  • How does a subscriber share their successes with the HHLEARN community?


    HHLEARN’s Facebook Fan Page can be accessed by clicking on this icon . Subscribers must have a user account to become a Facebook fan of HHLEARN. HHLEARN’s Fan Page allows our subscribers an opportunity to review discussions, network with national and state associations, and stay informed with pertinent industry issues. Understanding the importance of social networking, HHLEARN is committed to using all popular communication methods to keep subscribers and fans connected. Our Facebook fans will find upcoming HHLEARN system enhancements, new features, and upcoming events.

    HHLEARN allows each user to link their own social media pages to their profile and we can post your accomplishments on your own sites, e.g., and .

  • System

  • What are the technical requirements for subscribing to HHLEARN?

    HHLEARN is compatible with both MAC and PC and has been viewed and tested in the following web browsers:

    • Firefox version 34
    • Chrome version 39
    • Internet Explorer version 11
    • Safari 8.0
    • Opera version 24

  • What is a JavaScript-enabled web browser?

    Wikipedia defines JavaScript as: an object-oriented scripting language used to enable programmatic access to objects within both the client application and other applications. It is primarily used in the form of client-side JavaScript, implemented as an integrated component of the web browser, allowing the development of enhanced user interfaces and dynamic websites. The current version of the following browsers support JavaScript:

    • Camino (for MAC only)
    • Firefox
    • Flock
    • Google Chrome
    • Internet Explorer
    • Safari
    • Opera

  • Will HHLEARN operate on a MAC?

    Yes. HHLEARN is an Internet-based e-learning web site that is designed to be compatible with almost any modern browser that is JavaScript enabled, which by default is turned on for every browser. The developers of HHLEARN actually use Apple computers to develop all materials and coding and test extensively on Apple browsers like Safari, Firefox, Camino, and Opera.

  • Does HHLEARN require a dedicated server?

    No. HHLEARN is Internet-based and all that is needed is a computer that has a JavaScript-enabled web browser. Our programming platform is browser neutral and can be used on just about any computer system and web browser.

  • How secure is the data stored by HHLEARN?

    HHLEARN uses industry standard protocols for securing data. We store all personal data (except your name and binary yes/no answers) encrypted with 128 AES, even your email address is encrypted. Passwords and social security numbers are encrypted with 256 AES and salt and hashed. So in a word, the data we store exceeds industry requirements for storing credit card information.

  • Testing

  • Does HHLEARN provide random testing?

    Every test on HHLEARN is generated dynamically and randomly. When a test is written, every possible test question is added to a question pool. In most cases, each course has approximately 100 unique questions. When an individual enters an exam, our system logic randomly selects a certain number of questions from the pool of questions for that specific course. We have also designed the testing system to include mandatory questions, state-specific questions, and accreditation-specific questions.

    When it comes to grading tests, each exam attempt is recorded, which includes every question that was assigned and each user’s response. These attempt results are stored and can be viewed by each user and their organizational managers and administrators.

  • What types of tests does HHLEARN provide?

    HHLEARN has three types of tests: general knowledge, continuing education, and competency (general knowledge tests can require test questions, just acknowledge only, or require 100% to pass). Each type of tests can have a different passing percentage, which can be adjusted by each organization. A patent-pending secure certificate of completion is generated for each type of test. The information displayed on each of the certificate types is specific to the type of certificate and is dependent on the classification of the course completed by the user. HHLEARN’s course classification methodology determines which certificates a user can earn with successful course completion. In certain circumstances more than one certificate can be awarded for the completion of a single course, depending on how HHLEARN classified the course and the users profile information.

    For example, if a user successfully passes a course that is eligible for continuing education, the user will receive a general knowledge certificate for passing the course, and a continuing education certificate for each license the CE course was authorized for. In order to receive continuing education certificates each license must be registered in your online profile.

  • What is the passing percentage for each type of test?

    HHLEARN has three types of tests: general knowledge, continuing education, and competency. Each one of these types of tests can have a different passing percentage, which can be adjusted by each organization. The default passing percentages are all set at 80% for each of the three types of test.

    We would like to state that we take testing seriously and monitor each test taker. Once a test is entered the course cannot be viewed. Each test question is presented one at a time and has a limited time interval for answering. We at HHLEARN want to ensure that subscribers actually learn the content they are being provided.

  • Can my organization load its own passing percentages?

    Yes. The three types of tests (general knowledge, continuing education, and competency) can have different passing percentages. The passing percentages can be modified for each separate location, department, or region. However, the ability to modify passing percentages is reserved for the identified HHLEARN system administrator(s) within each organization. Furthermore, HHLEARN reserves the right to enforce specific passing percentages for specific courses only when necessary to comply with a regulatory and/or continuing education authorities. For this purpose, organizational passing percentage changes will not apply to courses that require a pre-determined passing rate.

  • How do I get my certificates after completing a test?

    After successfully completing a course, HHLEARN will provide links to download and print a user’s secure completion certificate(s). Each patent-pending certificate issued by HHLEARN is uniquely encoded with data to prevent duplication and ensure authentication. We also store each user’s completion data and that information is viewable and downloadable at anytime by visiting the user’s completed courses page. The "Double QR"™ system on each secure certificate can be used by anyone with a QR code scanner to verify the validity of each certificate.

  • Can I view the course while I am taking a test?

    No. HHLEARN does not allow users to view the course while a test is open. We do this because we want to ensure that the information is comprehended and retained. HHLEARN does have a pop-up note application that can be used to take notes while reviewing the course materials, but once a test is entered, the course will no longer be accessible in any browser or computer. If the user attempts to open another browser window or login using another browser or computer, the system will lock out the user and alert the user’s immediate supervisor via email; HHLEARN considers this to be cheating. The notes application allows for storing 4000 characters.

  • Can I challenge a course and just take the test?

    Yes and no. HHLEARN has a challenge feature that allows a user to take a test without viewing any course content. This is a great way to get general knowledge courses out of the way if the user is already competent with the specific course content. However, courses that are being taken for continuing education credit cannot be challenged. When a user enters a course that has continuing education approval, the user must decide whether they want CE credit. If the user is receiving CE credits, the challenge capability will not be available. And no, a user can’t challenge a course and pass and then sign up for CE credits later. In order to ensure proper CE authorization values, the actual time you spend in a course is being recorded and may be required.

  • Is every grading attempt recorded?

    Yes. Every time a test is graded, the questions and answers are recorded. HHLEARN also records grading percentage, which answers are right and wrong, Internet protocol address, and the required passing score. All this information is available for users, management, and administrators to review and is accessible in real-time in the user's history page and in the HHLEARN’s reporting area for managers and administrators.

  • How does HHLEARN calculate my grade point average?

    Every user on HHLEARN has an average grade point average (GPA). The reason we do this is so that benchmarking can be performed at any level, e.g., department, location, area, region, state, and national. HHLEARN’s grading logic is based on a 4.0 college scale. HHLEARN assigns a consistent grade point average (GPA) to each passing percentage; and it’s the user’s course grade point average, which is extrapolated into a letter grade.