The courses HHLEARN writes and provides our learners belong to 1 of 30 specialized categories. Each course is assigned a unique course identification number. Each Course ID begins with the course category abbreviation, which makes it easy to determine the general content and the target audience. It is then followed by additional alphanumeric characters to further group courses. Our unique classification system allows HHLEARN to provide succinct, cogent, and accurate courses, so adult learners receive only the courses they need.

  • (AF) Accounting & Finance
  • (AS) Administrative Support
  • (AP) Anatomy & Physiology
  • (BR) Billing & Reimbursement
  • (CL) Clinical
  • (CC) Credit & Collection
  • (CU) Custom Courses
  • (CS) Customer Service
  • (DS) Diseases & Conditions
  • (DI) Distribution
  • (HC) Hospice & Respite Care
  • (HR) Human Resources & Personnel
  • (IT) Information Technology
  • (IM) Inventory Management
  • (ML) Management & Leadership
  • (ME) Medical Equipment
  • (MA) Medication Administration
  • (MS) Monthly Safety
  • (OC) Organizational Compliance
  • (PC) Patient Care
  • (RX) Pharmacy
  • (QA) Quality Assurance
  • (RH) Rehabilitation
  • (RS) Repair & Service
  • (RO) Retail Operations
  • (SF) Safety (General)
  • (SM) Sales & Marketing
  • (SW) Software
  • (SE) Staff Education
  • (TU) Tutorials

Course Resources

An added value to HHLEARN courses is the "Course Resources." Course resources are all the value-added resources that we make available to those taking our courses. Our course resources appear as downloads inside courses—and that includes multiple formats for the same resource, e.g., if a resource is available in Word, Excel, and InDesign, the appropriate icons will ( ) display and allow downloading.













Courses Courses customized for accuracy with your organization's information. #MOSTACCURATELMS.
HHLEARN offers courses in over 30 categories, click on the images below to see more information.

Bloodborne PathogensOC

Course designed to meet OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen standard 29 CFR 1910.1030.

Annual Courses

Federal & state laws & accrediting organization standards require continued and on-going training during employees' tenure at your organization.

There are specific courses that are required to be taught at regular intervals, e.g., annually, biennially, triennially, etc.

HHLEARN understands these regulations and automates the process of assigning courses that meet these laws and standards. WE DO NOT OVER-TRAIN BY MAKING COURSES ANNUAL if they are required biennially or triennially.

Cargo SecurementDI

Course covers USDOT requirements and general practices for loading a delivery vehicle, securing its cargo and complying with the law.

Driver Courses

With every home healthcare provider, whether DMEPOS, pharmacy, home care, home health, or hospice, drivers are a necessary part of the healthcare team.

Whether it be meeting the USDOT or state laws, driving is essential to the delivery of home healthcare. HHLEARN collects and maintains a comprehensive database of laws, regulations, and accreditation standards that are used in a proprietary way to customize courses so that each driver, whether professional or a clinician driving their own personal vehicle, understands the laws and regulations that affect their individual safety, as part of an organization's safety program, and to deliver efficient home healthcare.

Order Intake ProcessesCS

Course covers best practices for collecting information from customers and referral sources in order to determine eligibility for care.

Customer Service

Customer service personnel are the gateway for every organization to intake patient/client/customers, and their training is essential to properly performing patient care and billing and receiving payment for services, supplies, and/or equipment.

HHLEARN has designed a program of courses that are tailored for specific job titles. We develop courseware that assumes new employees need to learn everything.

We teach basic soft skills first, then we provide courses that are task-specific. These courses assist your organization in developing professional staff with the highest degree of knowledge and experience so they can handle most issues within your organization.

Safety Data SheetsMS

Course covers Safety Data Sheets, which includes employer responsibilities and employees’ rights if they come in contact with hazardous chemicals.

Monthly Safety

OSHA explicitly requires employers to train employees in the safety and health aspects of their jobs. Safety training is an essential part of every employer's safety and health program for protecting workers from injuries and illnesses.

To assist employers with employee safety training, HHLEARN has developed a safety program that consists of 30-minute courses delivered once a month.

Each job title on HHLEARN has a customized monthly safety curriculum; WE DO NOT ASSIGN THE SAME COURSE TO EVERY EMPLOYEE. With the PRO Edition, companies can customize the safety curriculum for each job title and even for individual learners.

Testing our patent-pending testing is not only flexible, it is also customized with your specific
information so that your staff are tested with exact information.


General Knowledge tests account for a majority of the exams on HHLEARN. Tests range from 10-50 questions (True/False, Multiple Choice, and Yes/No).

Our patent-pending testing method is designed to test learners accurately on federal-, state-, city-, county-, and accreditation-specific questions. We even build in mandatory questions into the random test pool.



The “Acknowledge Only” type of test is the least used on HHLEARN, but not less important.

This test type simply verifies that a learner understands the course content. When they attest that they understand the course content, their computer fingerprint (meta-data) is recorded. This test type is used mostly by organizations when they load their own custom courses.



Each home healthcare organization must prove that their employees are competent to do their assigned job title. As part of an employee competency program, which should include testing didactic knowledge and the performance of practical skills, HHLEARN provides a testing method that tests the knowledge of NOT ONLY THE COURSES AN EMPLOYEE HAS COMPLETED, but their entire assigned course curriculum.


100% Mandatory

Unlike other employee learning management systems (LMS), HHLEARN allows each organization to define their own test passing percentages for each type of test, and even differently for locations, departments, and regions.

The 100% Mandatory test type requires all test questions to be answered correctly. This is a great way to prove company compliance.



HHLEARN understands that one size does not fit all. Our testing method is so unique, it’s patent-pending. We are the only learning management system (LMS) that automatically customizes courses for federal, state, county, city, and accreditation laws and regulations and carries that information over to the test.

In Passing...

Who decides what constitutes test passing? In many LMSs, the designer of the LMS decides what is passing and what is not. HHLEARN has created the most flexible grading system; we allow each organization to set their own passing percentages for each type of test and location or department.

Every Attempt

The main objective of HHLEARN is employees learning and retaining the knowledge that is provided to them. We believe that there is learning that can take place with every test attempt, pass or fail. We are the ONLY LMS that provides full access to each learner to a report of every test attempt they take. This report provides details on their performance and even informs the learner why a particular answer was incorrectly answered.

Take a Challenge

There is a saying that “Knowledge is Power,” and we at HHLEARN believe that employees that are experts on a topic should have the ability to prove their expertise by challenging a test. If they can pass without taking the course, they deserve that credit. It’s not as easy as it sounds; we have a unique way for keeping individuals only challenging courses they are experts in.

Secure Certificates completion certificates can be faked. hhlearn designed a secure, patent-pending certificate of completion. our certificate uses a “Double QR” Code imprinting to validate certificates.


General Knowledge certificates of completion are blue. Every course that is completed on the HHLEARN system receives a General Knowledge certificate.

HHLEARN provides the appropriate certificates for each course completion. For example, if you have 2 professional licenses and take a course for continuing education, you will receive 1 blue and 2 red certificates.

Continuing Ed

Continuing Education certificates must meet the exact criteria of the continuing education organization. Since HHLEARN keeps track of all licenses and CE authorizations, each continuing education certificate will meet the exact requirements for the approving agency.

In order to take a course for CE credit, the learner must have their license or credential loaded.


Healthcare organizations must prove that their employees are competent.

Employee competency programs should include testing didactic knowledge and the performance of practical skills. HHLEARN provides a testing method that tests the knowledge of NOT ONLY THE COURSES AN EMPLOYEE HAS COMPLETED, but their entire assigned.


All education that an employee undertakes that supports their job role should be stored together.

We allow the entry of Inservices and Courses that were attended or completed external to HHLEARN. Specialized green certificates can be printed. HHLEARN also stores any continuing education training from these sources and associates them with their licenses.

Give It A Try use your smartphone qr code scanner to see how one qr code validates the other.

The QR Code on the left is designed for quick response without the need for cellular or wifi connectivity. The right QR Code will send an encrypted certificate ID to our website and send back a validation or fraudulent result. Using both of them together verifies that the certificate is valid. Our Double QR Code technology adds another layer of security for quality assurance purposes. The QR Codes are to ensure authenticity and protect against fraudulent certificates. Utilizing Double QR Code technology will help clients provide an additional level of assurance and transparency when it comes to the integrity of their employee learning program.


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